Thailand on the verge

Thailand on the verge

This week the FIFA World Cup was attention by people around the world. Thailand is the same situation but the Police Force still surveillance for the small aftershock from the bully for payment of the among the gambler teenagers who lost their bet. Anyway, if we raised the topic about Thailand as headlines, People around the world might want to know what the current Political Turmoil in Thailand will be. If you try to ask your Thai Friends, probably you will end up with the mix answers. Yellow Shirt Supporters will answer that the situation would be better soon and economic and political stability will revive. In contrast to the answer from Red Group that might answer probably, Thailand will fall into apocalypse. Anyway, Thailand is not yet step into the state of apartheid. However, one general agreement between Red Group and Yellow Group is that the social difference might be the one of the main cause of political problem. Currently Thailand Government Policy seems to pay attentions on this problem. Presently, Bangkok and Vicinity account more than 50 percents of total GDP (Figure1). However, the ratio seems to change overtime by shift to Eastern Region. The main reason is that the many car company and heavy industrial zone especially Japanese Car Company are base in the Eastern Region. The economic promotion zone boost eastern region share of GDP reach around 18 percent in the 2008 with a bit slightly higher GDP per capital than Bangkok people (NESDB, 2010).  Anyway, what is the exit from the political turmoil? The famous political fortuneteller, Mornid, still prophesized that probably Thailand will struggle at least until 2013. Do you believe?

Figure 1 Gross Domestic Product (Regional)


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NESDB is (National Economics Social and Development Board


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