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Bangkok Gift Idea

Originally, It's come from my foreigner friend who sometime, travel in Thailand. I found that sometime there is no good information for backpacker who travel in Thailand. Most of website from the owner is untruthful.


How backpacker or tourist has reliable source in finding a good place to stayed or dinning in Thailand with no bias. Everything is better and better for traveling in Thailand especially the place to dinning. Some place is expensive with unacceptable taste. yeah it is not worth for your money.

All of my review came from my real experience. I can guarantee about it is worth or not. But I cannot make sure that it satisfy your personal emotion or not. Hope you enjoy my review

I just read the cnngo article by Top Koaysomboon (cnngo.com)


"Shopping in Bangkok can be incredibly tedious. Especially around the holidays. There may be markets and malls on every street corner, but most are all peddling the same imported brand names or mass-produced ‘local’ handicrafts"

Anyway, To solve this problem, I will show you some gift in Bangkok that most people buy and why the buy it.


I just ask the same question to my japanese cultural teacher in Japan. About what is the perfect gift for japanese. Yes, But for me also, it is hard which one is the best.

For among thais, What we buy as a suvenior? Normally, Girl buy some kind like key holder, pens (with cartoon), and small candy. Yes, sometime fridge magnet. Guys, most of them, buy food stuff. Last time, I went to Manila. I bought pearl. Personally, I Like Black Pearl. It's attractive. However, Most thai girl don't like black stuff. May be 80 percent.



Last-minute Christmas shoppers in Bangkok can pick up beautiful silk scarves, home-made jewelry, mulberry-paper greeting cards, cutlery, artisanal soaps, lotions, locally grown tea and coffee, pottery, and lots more handicrafts at the kelliekraft.com the best bagnkok gift idea site in thailand